1. What are the benefits for publishers?
    • Optimized eCPM, based on real time revenue forecasts
    • Dynamic campaign selection
    • Automated data collection across networks
    • Experienced ad operations management
  2. How do I join Adflazz?
  3. Joining the Adflazz Network is quick and easy. For more information, please contact our sales representatives at sales(at)adflazz(dot)com

Developers / Publishers

  1. What sites or apps qualify for Adflazz?

    Adflazz Network is open to everyone ranging from large publishers with multiple sites to small start-ups, blogs and app developers. For more information, contact our sales representatives at sales(at)adflazz(dot)com

  2. What criteria does my site or app need to pass in order to get added to the Adflazz Network?

    You will need to meet the following criteria before submitting your site or app online for approval:

    • You will need a site or app in order to join the Adflazz Network.
    • We can only accept applications from persons over the age of 18.
    • Your site or app will need to comply with our Publisher Content Guidelines.
  3. Does my site or app need to be in English?

    No, it doesn't. We welcome sites or apps with different languages worldwide.

  4. 4. Does Adflazz review all publisher sites and apps?

    The Adflazz team reviews all sites and apps submitted by publishers before adding them to the Adflazz network.

  5. 5. How do I display ads on my site or app?

    Once you added your site or app, we will automatically generate ad scripts for you for every ad slot you have defined. Just copy and paste the ad code into the relevant area of your site or app.

  6. 6. How many adspace IDs can I create?

    You can create IDs as many as you can. Each adspace ID can support different ad formats and have different targeting information. For more information, please contact our sales representatives at sales(at)adflazz(dot)com

Technical Questions

  1. You often get smaller ad banner sizes than requested?

    Adflazz supports customized banner sizes. It can happen that our Ad Network partners cannot deliver the requested size. Then we always send you any customized banner size.

  2. Your site has been approved and your status LIVE but you don't get live ads?

    If you find this issue happening on your site or app, please contact us at support(at)adflazz(dot)com